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Silance Liquid Eyeliner Pen is formulated without harsh chemicals, or magnetic toxins that may irritate your eye. Apply a thin layer, or thick wing to accentuate your glam look, and apply your lashes flawlessly!


  • Precision felt tip for clean lines
  • Holds any style lash (all bands)
  • Minimal drying time (30 seconds)
  • No damage to your natural lashes
  • All day wear



What makes Silance Adhesive different


Your lashes adhere exactly where you you place them, they will not slide when you move your eyes


Your liner will not transfer, ruining your makeup application


You will not have aghesive residue on your lashes, making your lashes reusable for 20+ uses



How do I remove my Lashes?


Lift your Lash from the corner, gently. Your natural lashes will not be effected in any case. Wipe your liner off with makeup remover, or a warm cloth.

Silance Eyeliner

  • Shake your liner well, allowing ligquid to soak the felt tip. Never leave the cap off, which can dry out your liner.

    Apply 2-3 swipes generously, you may also apply a layer to your lash itself for extra hold.
    Allow 30 seconds for the liner to become tacky
    Apply lashes using slight pressure, ensuring your lash band is in place
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